Luxury is being reformulated by a sector of the world's population and this requires that the concept of leadership that has been used within our sector also be reconsidered so as not to be out of context with reality.

The new leader of luxury must be a person who is a mixture of guide and witness of a reality that is as old as humanity itself. But, of course, the new profile of the luxury leader must have its own characteristic notes so as not to get out of a reality that imposes itself with new nuances and needs to be presented according to current times with the media that we manage today, we are referring to specifically to the use of social networks so necessary today for a better and closer approach to consumers.

The new concept of luxury that is being imposed must be a true inspiration to promote the talent of the participants of the luxury brands, that is why we said lines above about "being a guide and a witness", because nobody who does not live the experience of luxury You can talk about it because it is an element foreign to your person.

Today, the new conceptual current of luxury involves the humanization of brands so that they can build a new chapter within luxury, freeing it from traditionalisms that today are giving way to new forms. Currently, for many people, luxury does not only consist of automobiles, yachts, jewelry, liquor, etc., luxury items that demonstrate that the consumer is a wealthy man, for many, having access to a good education, food, health, clothing, and recreation is already a luxury because the human person is prioritized.

On the other hand, the new luxury leader must aim to leave a legacy that is both a mixture of knowledge and personal experiences so that a new traditional current is created that surpasses the classic current that was fine for a while, but for the current times it has been outdated.