Luxury Leadership Part 5

Luxury Leadership Part 5

We want to provide some statistical data to demonstrate how the perception of luxury is changing, making it more accessible to everyone. In the lines above, we mentioned that luxury is still associated with cars, yachts, jewelry, and other similar items for many people. However, bringing the luxury experience closer to all sectors of society is crucial so that everyone can enjoy it in one way or another.

Let's take a look at some numbers:

1. According to a study by EAE Business School, the luxury fashion and accessories, perfumery, cosmetics, and jewelry sector saw a 15.5% increase in sales last year compared to the previous year. This sector has been able to adapt to the health crisis of 2020 and remain successful.

2. The luxury tourism sector has faced challenges due to the pandemic but has also led to new trends. A Madrid travel agency, Elefant Travel, conducted a study to determine the impact of the health crisis on the luxury tourism segment worldwide, define the profile of the luxury client, and explore future post-pandemic travel trends. The research was conducted through interviews with 19 of the best luxury travel agencies in the world, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, India, Japan, and Hong Kong.

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