Luxury Leadership Part 2

Luxury Leadership Part 2

This new dynamic will significantly benefit the luxury company, collaborators, and consumers because success at all levels will be achieved personally, professionally, and in the services provided.

The luxury industry can benefit significantly from a new approach. The vision of luxury leaders should guide the creation of a new business profile. This vision should not come from personal revelations but from careful observation of reality. It should help increase sales, maintain a permanent interaction with luxury consumers, and foster loyalty.

The new profile of a luxury leader should be based on integrity, maturity, courage, transparency, respect, awareness, energy, and adaptability. Integrity and maturity are essential to act according to the values and principles of the luxury sector. Courage is necessary to face setbacks that will inevitably occur. Transparency is vital when offering reception, dialogue, services, and products. Respect should be shown to the company, the consumer, and oneself. Awareness is required to understand how one's actions impact the consumption of luxury goods. Energy is necessary to lead effectively, and adaptability is essential to learn and renew.

Today, more than ever, the prophetic vision of the luxury leader should guide the creation of a new business profile within luxury brands. The prophetic vision has nothing to do with personal revelations of "entities" beyond the human, but rather, born from an attentive contemplation of reality, to know how to act by the sensitive signs manifested by the fact itself, which is always imposed; for the practical conclusions that must be drawn, not only to increase sales, but also to maintain a permanent interaction with luxury consumers, in whom loyalty must be taken care of; and, finally, to a dynamic performance that constantly leads: to a vision of what luxury is today; to a constant exit from the comfort zone, looking for new work alternatives and, to a continuous being at the service of the consumer.

We believe that the new profile of the luxury leader must be composed of great integrity to act by the values and principles that drive the luxury sector, to maturity to accept that you never have the last word and that you must be in constant renewal, which is, in the end, the touchstone for continuous growth; courage, to be able to face the setbacks that naturally occur in any process; transparency, when offering reception, dialogue, services, and products; respect both the company, the consumer and himself; awareness of their attitudes and actions that should have a significant impact on the consumption of luxury goods; energy, because no one should take the testimony of a timid person; adaptability, which indicates having an open mind to learn and a willingness to renew.
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