Luxury Goods: Renewal and Adaptability

Luxury Goods: Renewal and Adaptability

The luxury sector is acquiring a new profile, far exceeding the health crisis we have all experienced.

The trends are materializing thanks to online sales, which have opened up a new marketing system with unique and beneficial characteristics for luxury companies in Latin America.

Limits exceeded and to be exceeded.

Overcoming is the verb most appropriate to describe a specific experience in the luxury sector. Improvement was based on field studies that were carried out to understand the new panorama that luxury companies had ahead of them. They were vital to understanding the circumstance fully and offering their clients the service they were used to.

The effort was to report better understandings, criteria, approaches, and response capacity. All this has a significant increase in self-esteem on the part of luxury companies and, on the other hand, a better relationship with consumers who were waiting for a solid response that would help them to continue acquiring the high-end products that they were in need, some for their personal use, others, to be able to pay for their work, we are explicitly referring to jewelers and artisans.

In Ibero-America, the theme of goldsmithing and jewelry is handled with nuances typical of each town. Indeed, the presence of Ibero-American jewelers and artisans within the framework of the luxury world is still. Still, it is also true that they have already begun a process that will lead them, at some point, to establish a presence alongside other nations. But, again, this is because they already have a thriving market.
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