Today there is much talk about success in studies, in the family, in the profession, etc. Several questions arise here: Is success the ultimate purpose of human life? Is the term success a synonym for happiness? Is it just a word that we repeat mechanically? Do we really understand what success “is in itself”? Are we prepared to assume the implications of success? Are we prepared to face the consequences of success? How to measure how much success is enough for us? Are we slaves to seek success?

We cannot have a restrictive vision of what success is, the vision must be broadened so that we can better adapt to current times, so sensitive to social and legal issues.

Success must be achieved on several levels so that it is comprehensive and not just economic. Throughout this article we want to introduce you to the different types of business success that we can obtain so that success is integral.

The first business success is personal success. This is manifested through the process of creating the company, from the development of the idea until it materializes in the creation of the company itself.

The second is economic success. A successful company is one that obtains income that makes the investment made in its creation return to the founder(s).

The third success will be social success. This is measured by the good that companies do in favor of the society in which they are inserted.

The fourth success will be durability over time. This will be achieved by maintaining the enthusiasm of the early days and adaptability to the ever-changing reality.

The fifth success will be customer satisfaction, which consists of helping customers solve a problem related to any product or service that the company generates. Customer satisfaction is as important as economic success.

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