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E106 Executive Education and Professional Development English TOFEL preparation

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  • The Executive TOEFL Preparation Program is tailored for busy professionals and executives who wish to improve their English language proficiency and attain high scores on the English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test. Colleges and universities use this exam to evaluate your English language skills. The course is centered around the essential competencies tested in the TOEFL exam: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. (It is strongly recommended that students who still need to take the prep courses of E101 and E102 should take them before enrolling in this course, E106). Students will learn the necessary skills to thrive in academic and international business settings through personalized instruction, practice tests, and strategic test-taking techniques.
  • 1 Hour: 60 minutes
  • Monday - Friday, five days a week
  • Four weeks total of 20 classes
  • Online - Virtual platform 

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to TOEFL

  1. Overview of the TOEFL test structure and scoring
  2. Setting up personal TOEFL success goals
  3. Test registration and preparation resources

Module 2: Reading Skills for TOEFL

  1. Strategies for skimming and scanning academic texts
  2. Practice with reading comprehension questions
  3. Vocabulary building and note-taking techniques
  4. Timed reading practice tests

Module 3: Listening Skills for TOEFL

  1. Effective note-taking during lectures and conversations
  2. Listening strategies for main ideas and details
  3. Practice with different accents and academic subjects
  4. Timed listening practice tests with discussions.

Module 4: Speaking Skills for TOEFL

  1. Introduction to speaking tasks and evaluation criteria
  2. Techniques to improve pronunciation and fluency
  3. Practice with independent and integrated speaking tasks
  4. Recording and analysis of practice responses

Module 5: Writing Skills for TOEFL

  1. Structure and development of integrated and independent essays
  2. Grammar review and editing strategies
  3. Timed writing sessions with individual feedback
  4. Practice with sample topics and model answers

Module 6: TOEFL Test Practice and Strategies

  1. Full-length, timed TOEFL practice tests.
  2. Analysis of test results to identify areas of improvement
  3. Test-taking strategies and time management
  4. Stress reduction techniques and confidence-building

Module 7: Review and Wrap-Up

  1. Final review of critical strategies for each TOEFL section
  2. Tips for continued practice post-course
  3. Mock TOEFL test under exam conditions
  4. Course evaluation and feedback

Module 8: Personalized Study Plan Creation

  1. One-on-one session with an instructor to create a study plan
  2. Identification of personal strengths and weaknesses
  3. Customized practice schedule leading up to test day

Additional Program Features:

Access to online TOEFL preparation resources
 Flexible scheduling to accommodate executive availability
 Continuous performance tracking and personalized feedback
 Support with TOEFL registration and additional resources post-course.

Course Duration:

The course duration can vary based on the student's starting level, target score, and scheduling availability. A typical intensive course lasts 4 to 6 months with options for extended study. Your proficiency in the English language will determine how quickly you will advance to the next module. Discuss your expectations as to duration with your instructor. Do not be discouraged if the course duration exceeds a year. This time frame is not unusual. Everything depends on your comprehension. It is better to practice and get it right than to become discouraged and stop trying. Consider taking E101 and E102 before enrolling in E106. 

Target Audience:
This course is aimed at business professionals, managers, consultants, and executives who are non-native English speakers planning to attend English-speaking universities, seek international opportunities, or wish to improve their English proficiency for professional development.

Course Fee

It is paid before instruction the following month. As stated, a typical intensive course can last 4 to 6 months. Please talk with your instructor about what you're like. Most students who attend this course have a desired start date at a particular University or College. We will make sure to plan accordingly.


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