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SERENIDAD Lapis Lazuli and Stainless Steel Necklace

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  • Natural Lapis Lazuli Necklace : A 4cm x1.8cm(1 5/8" x 6/8") dedicate pendent, which is natural and formed, rich in trace elements and minerals.

    • Unique Design Necklace : Hand Made
    • Better Stone Necklacer: Great way to use your favorite essential oil or perfume.
    • Best as a Gift : Is considered The lucky Stone which empowers your thought and protects from psychic and spiritual attacks. Protective but helps make your dreams a reality a good spiritual growth, also gives you strength of mind to rise above challenges of work and life in general. Enhances your creativity and concentration and makes you avoid confusion and helps things make more sense, for some people helps with headaches, aids in peaceful sleep. In the ancient times they believe that wearing this stone brought energies of wisdom, love and emotional healing also hope that everything would work out in a good end.
    • Enjoy Aromatherapy: Best way to wear for any occasion. You may now wear your necklace anywhere and take advantage the perfume oils based.


    Natural Gemstones and Stainless Steel.

    Shipping & Returns


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    2. Contact us at, and we will send you a return form. Then, please send us the unused products in their original packaging along with the return form.

    3. Miking does not include a prepaid mailing label to be attached to the outside of your return package before depositing it at a post office, as we are not paying for the return.

    4. For hygiene and safety reasons, sealed products that have been opened are not eligible for reimbursement, including Aromatherapy and Perfume items.

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    6. We will not credit or refund the delivery costs you incurred initially (except in some cases as damaged products arrived due to carrier).

    We have added health and safety measures to support our teams in the logistics centers to protect everyone. Based on this, we are experiencing an extended delay of 2 - 4 weeks when processing all return and exchange requests.

    Care Instructions


    Every day: Remove your jewelry when washing your hands or using harsh products that could damage metals or gemstones. Also, keep your jewelry away from intense sources of heat and extreme temperature changes; Jewelry pieces can become scratched when coming into contact with one another. 

    Storing: We recommend you keep them individually in the pouch and box.

    Resizing: If you need to resize your jewelry, take it to a professional jeweler to ensure it is done correctly and without causing damage.

    Protecting: When not in use, keep your jewelry secure to avoid damage or loss. Avoid wearing it while participating in physical activities, swimming, or showering, as exposure to water and chemicals can cause damage.

    Gemstones: Gemstones should be protected from hard impacts and scratches. Clean jewels with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water, avoiding harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch with our experts.

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    Miking Aromatherapy Essential Oils 100% Natural Made in USA

    100% NATURAL

    All our aromatherapy and fragrances are 100% Natural pure therapeutic made in France & USA. Our oils are 3rd party, tested, certified for quality, purity and potency, being used by medical institutions. 

    The Miking signature is an encounter between experience and a design work. Each jewel with fragrance possesses a delicate character as we want make the natural stone express its own unique radiance.

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